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Promotional branded USB sticks

So you might think that because every company uses USB sticks, they’re nothing special anymore on the promotional circuit – but you would be wrong. Promotional branded USB sticks are an incredibly successful marketing tool because they are just so useful and versatile. Why? We’ve listed a couple of points for you:

  1. USB memory sticks are incredibly useful that your employees and customers will take them with them wherever they go thus taking your brand with them.
  2. Novel designs – USB flash drives are constantly being redesigned: shapes, thickness, and characters. The list is endless!New designs means eye-catching advertising for you making your brand a topic of conversation.
  3. USB sticks are versatile: you can pre-load it with your own promotional material, e.g. your product catalogue; load an     auto-run feature so that every time your branded USB memory stick is plugged into a computer, it runs your introduction (which will remind the user of you); or you leave it as an actual memory drive in its own right where your employees and customers can safely and securely transfer large volumes of data from one computer to another.

Promotional custom-printed USB sticks are of great value for your company as a promotional marketing tool but also for your employees and customers who will appreciate a technical corporate gift that will help make their lives easier and less complicated.

You can imprint your company’s brand, logo, slogan or advertising message on our wide range of USB products! We feature USB sticks in different shapes (keys, burgers, bar of gold), different material (wood, rubber, metal) and different sizes (we mean GB and actual product size).

So there you have it: USB memory sticks are still the most effective promotional tool in your arsenal!