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Personalised trolley coins and custom-printed grocery divider

If you’re looking for some classic pieces to get your promotional campaign off to a good start, invest in our personalised trolley coins and custom-printed grocery dividers. Trolley coins offer a great opportunity to raise awareness of your business as most people visit a supermarket on a regular basis.

Often than not, we struggle to find the correct coin for the shopping trolley; even though most shopping carts are designed to accommodate a certain size of domestic coin, finding that coin on your person or in your bag or wallet is a totally different problem! However with our promotional trolley coins, those days are over! Now you, too, can give your employees and customers personalised trolley coins which are great for advertising your products and services. If you are an organisation that places an emphasis on being charitable, trolley coins can help raise money for charities as well. Trolley coins are the perfect invention for forgetful shoppers or those who don’t always have spare change in their wallets

As far as promotional items go, the trolley coin is a relatively cheap product to invest in and even with large quantities, provide an advertising canvas that is still cost-effective. Promotiontube’s trolley coins are not limited to a certain target market – indeed they can be distributed to every demographic bracket. The trolley tokens are made of various materials and come in multiple designs; the most popular are plastic and metal and feature a keychain function. However, plastic trolley tokens are lighter but may not last as long.

Even our personalised grocery dividers will provide good advertising space for customers waiting in line to pay for their goods. Customers will appreciate having an eye-catching advertising message to read while standing in line that will keep them busy – maybe even helping them make a purchasing decision the next time they’re contemplating what to have for dinner.

Use our exclusive logo-tool to print your company’s brand, logo, slogan or advertising message on our range of promotional products: uniquely position your business within the shopping limelight. Give your employees and customers a helping hand by making their shopping experience easier and faster!