Pens & Pencils

Get your promotional pens here at Promotiontube

We are proud to offer high quality, personalized pens and promotional markers for all your writing needs. Gone are the days of frantically searching for a pen to sign that all-important contract; write down that great idea or note down meeting minutes. Use our custom-branded promotional pens to bring your company to the front!

Promotional pens are cost-effective especially for small business owners who do not have a lot of capital to spend on vast marketing campaigns. Pens are sold in bulk, the cost per pen is affordable and much cheaper than direct mailing, radio ads or television spots.

Studies have shown that the average pen has 7 different users during its lifetime. People always borrow pens and never return them; others steal or rather “walk away” with them from shops, banks, hotels or restaurants. It’s easy to calculate the advantage: 10,000 personalized pens over one year will have up to 70,000 different users – now that’s a lot of daily brand exposures!

Everyone needs a pen! Promotional pens will not be stuffed into a drawer and forgotten about or thrown away as other not so useful promotional items on the advertising circuit

Our exclusive Logo-Tool, “Mein Designer”, gives you and your company the opportunity to imprint your company’s brand, logo, slogan or tagline on our wide range of personalized pens. The tool is easy and straightforward; turning your design into a printable graphic at the click of a mouse button.

  • Highlighters
  • Ballpoints
  • Fountain pens
  • Multi-function pens
  • Pens made of recycled material
  • Rollerball pens

Custom pens are ideal in turning any start-up or young business into a highly recognisable brand; help spread your marketing message to prospective customers with these small, eye-catching and usable branded pens. Use your custom pens at trade shows, conferences, at schools or universities – or leave them behind at meetings, the possibilities for promotional pens and markers with your logo are endless!