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Branded parking discs

Branded parking discs are no exception to the promotional circuit; when the first government office decided to make advertising space available on a disc, the idea spread like wildfire turning a functional product into one of our best-selling promotional items. Our promotional parking discs will protect your employees and customers from parking fine notices, and at the same time, provide your company with prime advertising space. Branded parking discs act like a billboard in that they're easily visible to passing drivers and pedestrians. Use our exclusive Logo-Tool to imprint your company’s brand, logo, slogan or advertising message on any of our branded parking discs. We offer:

  • Parking discs with ice scraper and shopping trolley chip holder
  • Self-adhesive note holder for parking tickets
  • Parking discs with shopping trolley chip holder and tire tread measurer
  • Parking discs with a CD with royalty-free songs
  • Parking disc with fuel efficiency calculator

A significant amount of time is spent in the car giving you and your company the perfect opportunity to increase your brand’s exposure and build customer loyalty with our promotional parking discs. Parking discs with logo make a terrific giveaway for many exhibitors at trade shows. Auto insurance, breakdown services, windscreen repair companies et al. There are so many others in the auto trade that advertise on TV yet the branded parking disc has such obvious potential for companies such as these. Furthermore, this inexpensive corporate parking disc can be integrated with other promotional products with your company’s unique design to create high-quality corporate gifts. The promotional parking disc has a lot of potential for your company: use it as a terrific giveaway at trade shows; as a welcome gift for new customers in the auto insurance, breakdown services or windscreen repair industry or as a corporate gift for employees of government offices. Remember, the key is to give the people what they want and need.