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Promotional keychains and company lanyards

Promotional keychains and promo lanyards are a great way to get the brand recognition you deserve. Custom keychains keep your company logo on the mind of your customers everywhere they go. You can impress your clients and employees with some of our branded keychains and improve your promotional campaign today! Promotional keychains are a great giveaway that you can hand out person to person, leave them on reception tables at various business places, or offer them as swag at special events. 

Give your customers and employees light wherever and anywhere with custom keychain flashlights. Brilliant LED flashlight branded keychains unleash a surprising amount of light for such small devices, and they make it easier to find stray items, read in dark settings or search for items in deep purses and bags. 

You can treat a large group of fans or followers to a token of your appreciation with affordable custom keychains and branded lanyards in almost limitless shapes and styles. Furthermore, they are excellent promotional items which are fun and useful for both you and your recipient. Use our exclusive Logo-Tool to add your company’s brand, logo, slogan or marketing message in your corporate colours and design.

We have a wide variety of custom keychain shapes and sizes for your corporate printing needs:

  • Keychains with Inlay
  • Different shaped keychains (light bulb, wheel, key)
  • Tool keychains (screwdrivers, multi-tool set etc)
  • Torch keychains
  • Metal keyrings
  • Carabiner-style keyrings

Furthermore, our lanyards with logo are the perfect promotional product for your company, allowing your business to be recognised from miles away. Promotional lanyards are ideal for trade shows and other events because they are fun and highly visible, making it a way for your employees and customers to identify themselves with your brand. Printed promotional lanyards can be used for holding ID badges, mobile phones, drinking bottles, whistles or keychains.