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Branded ice scrapers

Give your employees and customers a helping hand in the cold winter months: our personalised promotional ice scrapers will make their daily commute to work so much easier! These glove box staples are essential in chilly weather. Promotional ice scrapers are trusty promotional products that keep your employees and customers driving safe throughout the frosty winter season! No car should be without a sturdy branded ice scraper for clearing car windows of frost and ice. Those in areas with lots of snow can benefit from company ice scrapers with built-in mittens or snow brushes. For milder areas with just a few frosty days now and then, compact ice scrapers with logo that can be stashed in the glove compartment don’t take up much space but are there in easy reach when needed.

Using our exclusive Logo-Tool you can have your company’s brand, logo, slogan or catchphrase imprinted on our extensive range of branded ice scrapers. Custom ice scrapers make great gifts from people in the automotive business, or from people that care about their clients' commutes. These ice scrapers with logo are the ideal promotional product because they can reach valuable customers every day in the cold and icy winter months. Our branded ice scrapers come in various shapes and designs:

  • Ice scrapers with brush
  • Ergonomic shape for stability
  • Ice scrapers with integrated glove
  • Animal-shaped ice scraper

With a variety of sizes to choose from, these promotional ice scrapers are useful to anyone who lives in a cold climate. Display the logo of your ski shop or ski mountain resort to give customers a reminder about how to spend the cold winter days, the logo of your auto repair shop so that customers know where to go when having car trouble or even promote your sunny vacation destination to urge customers to escape the depressing weather! No matter where your custom ice scraper is used, it will raise your brand’s recognition and serve as a daily reminder that your company cares about keeping your employees and customer safe. Promotional ice scrapers are an affordable way to get your message in the hands of drivers!