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Branded cooler bag with logo

Keeping food and drinks cold is what branded cooler bags do best – but they can also help you spread your company’s brand recognition: give these effective promotional items to your employees or customers and watch your brand move around town; creating your company’s personal walking billboard. These effective branded cooler bags allow you to take cold drinks anywhere you want. A soft fabric cooler bag makes a practical gift for any class of client. Our versatile, insulated branded cooler bags can even keep your frozen grocery-store goods cold on the ride home. Using our unique Logo-Tool, you can print your company’s brand, logo, slogan or advertising message on our extensive range of branded cooler bags such as

  •          Foldable aluminium-foil lined shopping baskets
  •          Textile bags with cooling compartment
  •          Practical cool bags with zipper
  •          Transparent PVC cooler bag for one drinks bottle

Personalised cooler bags from Promotiontube turn every lunch break into a marketing opportunity for your brand. And, as a side benefit, these re-usable branded cooler bags show that your company or organisation really cares about the environment. These promotional cooler bags are great to pass out at community events, family days, sporting events or any other outdoor special events where your new promotional merchandise will help raise awareness and increase recognition of your company’s brand and products. Why not use them at your next trade show to keep your own lunch cool while you work and show the competition why your company is the better choice. Whether branded cooler bags are used to take the shopping home, to carry drinks while travelling or as an easy to carry, lightweight picnic accessory hot summer days dictate that this cooler bag is certain to see sustained and immediate use.