Car Accessories

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Branded car accessories as promotional items

Whether commuting to and from work, holidaying, running errands or simply travelling from point A to point B, a significant amount of time is spent in the car giving you and your company the perfect opportunity to increase your brand’s exposure and build customer loyalty with our custom-printed promotional car accessories.

Custom car accessories from Promotiontube are perfect for promoting your business. Think that branded car accessories are only good for those within the industry? Think again. Any type of business can benefit from giving out ice scrapers, sun shades or trunk organisors. Promotional car accessories need to be useful and high quality items; they have the power to increase awareness for your brand! Distinctive car accessories with your company logo or catch phrase imprinted on them can help build a positive brand image as your logo travels with the user of the product. Also, whenever the recipient or other passengers in the recipient’s vehicle utilise these promotional products, they will be exposed to your prominently displayed marketing message and/or logo. Take car shades, for example; car shades are used to protect the car interior from sun damage and keep the inside cool and at the same time act like a billboard in that they're easily visible to passing drivers and pedestrians. Tire pressure gauges make a quick and easy hand-out to new customers.

With our exclusive Logo-Tool, you can create unique branded car accessories and promotional merchandise by printing your company’s brand, logo, slogan or tagline in any colour, font or size on one of our many products:

  • Sun shades
  • Toll-road sticker scrapers
  • Tire tread measurer
  • Car care accessories

If your business is located in a colder climate, why not help winterise your customers with our personalised promotional ice scrapers? Promotional car accessories are those 'glad to have' items in the car, van or lorry. Commuters, parents, and many other people spend so much of their life in a car so that handing our car accessories with logo is an absolute MUST. When looking for the right promotional product, envision something that makes a personal connection between you and your customers. Remember, the key is to give the people what they want and need for their car.