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Camera with logo for your promotional endeavours

Walking along the white sand beach, the waves rolling in, you grab your camera only for it to fall with a loud splash into the salty sea. All your holiday pictures gone – ruined – and your expensive camera irreparable.

The cameras with logo are ideal for use in the promotions and incentives markets at economic prices. The disposable waterproof camera makes beautiful pictures and is great for snorkelling and diving trips, underwater adventures, boating experiences and anything else that involves water.

Using our exclusive Logo-Tool, you can print your company’s brand, logo, slogan or advertising message on our high-quality promotional waterproof cameras, increasing your brand’s recognition at the same time as safeguarding your customers’ holiday snaps.

We are also proud to offer you our promotional product video messenger. This nifty little gadget allows you or your clients to record a short message which can easily be played back. Using a magnet on the back, the messenger can be attached to metallic surfaces thus remaining front and centre in the office or home. 

Our custom-printed promotional cameras are lightweight and therefore do not need a lot of space in a backpack, suitcase or messenger bag; colour pictures are of course a given and can be printed out at any photo shop – beautiful pictures from our promotional cameras are guaranteed!