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Branded beer glasses with logo

Whether you’re a company that’s planning a giveaway for a promotional event, or an establishment such as a hotel, restaurant, pub or bar, our list of custom beer mugs will give you many options to choose from. Specially designed branded beer glasses are a great way to create a long and lasting relationship with your employees and customers. Our promotional beer glasses can be used for beer, soda, water and cocktails; creating high exposure for your marketing message, brand name or logo as each glass can be “handled” literally for up to 20-30 minutes at a time depending on the type of drink. Advertise and promote your business by adding your company’s logo on personalised beer mugs and give them away to your customers at your next promotional event. They can always have the option to use them for beer or whatever choice of beverage they want.

We offer different types of glassware to reflect

  • National traditions (tankards and beer stein)
  • Legislation with regards to serving measures
  • Practicality (stacking, washing, breakage)
  • Different styles of beer

Make your employees and customers feel special and appreciated by giving them personalised glasses which they can take with them - either to their local pub where the other drinkers will see your company's imprint or home with them and used for special occasions. Promotional merchandise such as our beer glasses make an excellent corporate gift for promotional distribution or for a commemorative event bringing style and class to any occasion.

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