Bags & Luggage

Branded bags and promotional totes

Custom bags provide priceless advertising exposure! A good promotional bag will take your logo to all kinds of places! Branded bags are long-lasting, unisex promotional giveaways that serve a variety of functions: from beach trips, library outings, farmers’ markets and beyond. Various sizes, styles and prices make it easy to find just the right promotional tote or branded bag to showcase your message! Hit the locker room or your favourite weekend getaway with corporate sports bags! Branded bags do the trick for any destination! Convenient custom sports bags have just enough room for their workout clothing and locker room supplies, or a few days’ worth of outfits and travel items. Branded bags are just the right dimensions for airline carry-ons to keep them occupied on business and leisure trips, too. Your company can project a personalised image through customisation processes such as having your brand name, logo, slogan or advertising message printed on the bags and totes in our collection in any colour, font or size. Unlike other promotional activities that a firm might invest in, a promotional bag or tote is a useful item, meaning that most recipients keep them and use them multiple times – the benefits for you and your company are therefore obvious: the more times a promotional bag or tote is used, the more your brand’s recognition will grow as you will be able to connect with your customers at a more intrinsic level even when not engaged with your products directly.

Our product range of branded bags and totes is endless:

  • Waiters money pouches
  • Garment bags
  • Shoe bags
  • Sport totes
  • Suit Carriers
  • Bum bags

We have every aspect of life covered with our corporate promotional products and gifts allowing you to personalise the right accessory for your employees and customers, allowing them to carry your company’s brand or logo or message out into the world like a walking billboard, advertising your business as they go. Get your brand noticed by adding your logo to a trendy promotional bag. Used every day by millions of people, custom bags are ideal for carrying books, groceries, notebook computers, documents, and more.