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Anti Stress Balls

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Squeeze your stress away with our custom-printed promotional stress relievers

Stress balls are malleable toys which are squeezed by the hand and manipulated by the fingers to help relieve stress and muscle tension. Our promotional stress relievers come in a whole range of shapes – from traditional round stress balls to funny stress reliever figures, you will not be disappointed with our selection. All our promotional items can be imprinted with your company’s brand, logo, slogan or advertising message using our exclusive Logo-Tool. Our assortment includes:

  • Football and beach ball stress relievers
  • Heart-shaped, Globes and clouds
  • Apples and puzzle-shaped
  • Anti-stress decision dice
  • Little men and anti-stress truck relievers

Your employees and customers will be delighted with their very own personal stress reliever. Not only are they cute to look at, anti-stress relievers really do work! Research has shown that by squeezing a stress ball, the feelings of stress are muted on an intellectual level as a lot of information comes via the hand senses. Furthermore, our promotional stress relievers help to strengthen your hand and arm muscles improving dexterity allowing your recipients to type more efficiently and grab things easier. Logoed stress relievers with your brand imprinted has so many benefits for you and your clients, making it a well-worth promotional product for your advertising campaign.